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    The game has been fully converted to the console version (X360) on the desktop version (PC) All graphics settings and controls were matched to the computer platform.

    Download the game using the PC Installer, find below a link of downloading and Scan. The program and the installation process has been shown in the film.

Forza Horizon 2 PC Screen
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Hello everyone and welcome back on the best web page that specialize in creating variety of installers for recently released titles as well as those older ones. Today we would like to introduce Forza Horizon 2 PC Download to you all. It is a really simple in use product made by our group, which includes already cracked file. Sounds great? Well, today we are going to focus on presenting both positives and negatives of the game and review it the best we can before we proceed to download links. However, you can always skip the description, test the game for yourself, and see if this is something worth your time or not!

The opening cinematic for the Forza Horizon 2

Links to Forza Horizon 2 PC Download give a chance to play the game created by Sumo Digital studio ordered by Microsoft Studios. The game was initially designed for Xbox 360 but later on it was also optimized for the newest generation console, namely Xbox ONE.

What is it? Forza Horizon 2 is fully fledged continuation of the spin-off of Forza series. The game is set not in the USA, like it was earlier on, but in the South Europe, where various events are held. Forza Horizon 2 throws the players into the open world with rather arcade approach to the races. How does the game present itself compared to other versions of Forza series? When we compare the first instalment of the spin-off with the second, we can notice minor changes in the graphics. It is because the second instalment of based on the same graphics engine as the first one. However, physics as well as gameplay changes were much more significant. Introducing so-called Drivatar system was very crucial in terms of artificial intelligence. This system was already used in Forza Motorsport 5, and it had a great, very positive impact on the behaviour of NPC drivers. Yet another change we can witness is introduction the varied weather conditions. If you are looking for the astonishing races in the open world, with sandbox surrounding, then you should definitely check Forza Horizon 2 PC Download we have prepared for you.

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Some of you might think that releasing installer for the game designed solely for consoles is fake. Nonetheless, as you can see on the video we provided in the article, Forza Horizon 2 for PC platforms is a thing we managed to create thanks to efforts of programmers from ForzaHorizon2pc.eu.

They worked days and nights just to optimize the game for PCs and release fully legitimate product that can be launched without any emulators or other unnecessary third party programs. Our services have been always focusing on preparing installing applications as easy as it is possible. Therefore, Forza Horizon 2 PC is a product that can without any troubles give you access to full version of the game. You just need to run it and follow the instruction presented on the tutorial video. It is really clear, simple, and user-friendly process. That is to say, we are sure you are going to enjoy using it!

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Forza Horizon 2 PC Download
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Game works great :) Recommend :)



Worked great, very fast download indeed :D



Yes, this version works on PC :) Gamer Special provides the game on a computer platform.

2 days ago


This is the version of the PC game?

2 days ago


working.. download was fast and survey was easy, no complaints from me :) just make sure you put in real data for the offer or they wont complete.

2 days ago

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